• Celestial Rein

    Petite, Exotic Las Vegas Companion

    ⚠️ ON HIATUS MARCH 2020 UNTIL SUMMER 2021 ⚠️


    Celestial Rein provides personalized “Ski, Golf, Life Coaching Services” *wink, wink* in the privacy of your Las Vegas hotel room. I have over 10 years of experience to perfect your form and unleash your explosive, molten potential... all over my ample 34DD mounds and sweet bunker.

    Let me help you through every phase of your journey, culminating in the perfect, breath-taking release. Each session is tailored to address specific concerns, such as reading between the lines and grasping my myriad of innuendos and cheeky golf puns.

    I’ve helped men, women, and sexy couples revive their passion for primal, sweaty sports and reach their zenith successfully - yes, multiple times - in a safe, judgment-free environment.

    Allow me to reawaken and invigorate your spirit.


    You’re gonna love getting caught in the Rein.💦


    Your Celestial Coach,

    Reina Celeste


    Exotic/Asian Mix • Mature MILF • 100% Independent • No “Handler” • Non-smoker • 💯 Rx & Illicit Drug-free • Skin: Blank Canvas (I do love tats on others!) • Extremely low volume - 1 client per month • Longer dates prioritized • Active Lifestyle • Health-conscious • Kink, Peg, Foot Fetish-Friendly • Handicap/Disability/ED Friendly • 34DD • Petite 5’1” and 120 lbs


    Couples: No additional fees for the Mrs


    Clients 30 to “70ish” aka 80 welcome!


    SAFETY MATTERS: Latex-free & FC2 Stocked


    *I DO NOT CONSENT to being recorded or photographed. I’d be happy to take photos of us together if you wish, but only with my own iPhones.



  • Booking & Verification Incentives

    Save $100-$1000 by simply following instructions!



    Let’s keep each other safe while getting to know each other a little better. Also,

    you get nudes! 🙋🏻‍♀️ Woo hoo!


    Everyone needs a sweetheart to text/DM on a

    daily basis. You don’t have to feel alone

    while we’re all in isolation.



    Daily all-day texts or Twitter DMs from “Good morning, sunshine!” to “Sweet dreams! 💋”

    Photos not included. No sexting.



    Daily all-day texts or Twitter DMs from “Good morning, sunshine!” to “Sweet dreams! 💋” including 2 or 3 private, unpublished,

    sexy photos of moi. Mayyybe, a short video, too.

    Sexting & wiener dog pics encouraged!




    Payable via

    AMAZON.COM Gift Card sent to RC.LLC@Protonmail.com only

    Please Keep the NOTES section blank


    Your virtual week begins as soon as I receive

    your gift card.

    P411 Members: $100 Off All Time Packages + No Deposit Required

    Must have recent P411 OKs (within the last 12 months) from living, active providers.

    No shared accounts.

    I only consent to meeting the named client/member who is contacting me from

    the P411 portal.


    I’m verified: https://preferred411.com/P282996



    Always research your chosen companions by using the big head to avoid B&S and LE:

    ✅ Do reverse image search with Google, Tin Eye, or Yandex to ensure images are not stolen from social media, magazines, Instagram, or other SWs

    ✅ Verify years of actual and meaningful

    social media interaction. Take your time.

    ✅ Verify P411 ID numbers are REAL by checking their P411 page.

    ✅ Book providers with established reputations who don’t demand large deposits only to disappear/rebrand every few months.

    ✅ If it seems fishy, it’s probably bacon.🤷🏻‍♀️



    The purpose of screening is Harm Reduction and Harm Prevention, as predators favor

    low-hanging, desperate fruit.


    Please do not confuse

    discretion with anonymity.


    Respectful, decent clients who treat SWs well deserve complete discretion and need never worry.

    Professionals know how to be discreet.


    On the other hand, those who assault, stealth, rape, coerce, rob, or pay with fake currency deserve consequences for said actions.


    One’s behavior towards a fellow human being determines outcome. SWs are human.

    It really is that simple.


    Predators avoid screening in order to avoid consequences for bad behavior. Therefore, verifying potential clients keeps predatory types away.


    My quality of service improves exponentially when I’m not afraid a “client” will either hurt me, steal from me, or arrest me. The only way I can ensure that is by screening thoroughly.


    Your biggest fear as a man

    does not compare to my biggest fear

    as a woman.




    🗻🎿⛷ Ski Vacation Bonus Incentives for 24hr and 48hr Packages

    $1000 OFF Ski Vacations that include spending at least one day (or two!) skiing together. Extra points for Mammoth or Alta/Snowbird/other Utah resorts! ❄️ *Most compatible with skiers/riders comfortable on any terrain (steeps, bowls, powder, off-piste, etc.)

    New Client? No Experience?

    I ❤️ Newbies!


    $100 OFF All Time Packages for potential clients who provide complete screening info in their FIRST email/Contact Form:


    ✅ Your real first and last name

    ✅ DoB (optional, unless I find felonies under the same name. DoB helps differentiate you.)

    ✅ Real cell registered to you

    ✅ Separate Safe Burner/app# to contact you

    ✅ Work email or separate “Play” email to safely communicate


    Couples: I prefer to communicate with the Mrs

    for all arrangements to ensure her

    full voluntary participation.

    I enhance marriages, I don’t wreck them.


    I delete screening info after we’ve successfully completed one meeting, except your play email, where I may occasionally send sexy pictures and thanks.


    But I’m concerned about identity theft or

    hurting my credit score!!”

    - Clueless punter


    Relax. It’s a background check for violent criminal history, it’s not a bank or auto loan. I don’t want your social security number or home address. Crooks kinda need THAT part to steal identities. I’m a 5’1” petite woman of color entering the hotel room of a man twice my size. My safety matters and background checks mitigate unnecessary risks to my wellbeing.


    FYI: Law enforcement stings post fake ads so hobbyists show up in person “without hoops to jump through” in order to arrest them. Cops know screening scares men away. Cops don’t screen, but I sure do. Reputable providers do.

    It’s better to lose a booking than lose our lives or freedom.

  • Rates & Time Packages

    Please clearly specify length, start time, and date when booking.

    RATES For Private Golf Lessons 😈

    Private Dates

    P411 Members are exempt from deposits. Current clients are also exempt from deposits as long as cancellations/rescheduling aren’t habitual.




    During Pandemic: 🚘 I Drive To You available for California, Utah, Wyoming, Northern Nevada, and Arizona only. Driving distance under 300-400 miles preferred. Dinner Date 4hr MINIMUM. $300 flat travel fee.

    FMTY not available until June 2021.



    💕Up to 2hr Private Consultation (Minimum) $1000 USD


    💕3hr Stay-In Brunch Date with Wine & Snack Break - $1250 USD


    💕4hr Stay-In Dinner Date with Wine & Meal Break - $1500 USD


    💕6hr Extended Dinner Date with Wine & Meal Break + Snuggling Time! - $2000 USD


    💕14hr Slumber Party (dinner + at least 6hrs of sleep + breakfast together) - $3000 USD


    💕24hr (Golf, Skiing, or other fun public activities) - $4000 USD


    💝48hr Mini Vacation - $5000 USD

    After the first 48hrs, $1000 per additional day


    💝One Full Week Heavenly Holiday - $10,000 USD


    Hate to share? Want me at your beckoned call? Keep me all to yourself for one full month. To the moon, Alice! -

    💕The Honeymooners $30,000 USD


    💝*My Most Frequently Booked Packages


    Outcall Only to major Strip hotels in LAS VEGAS. Sorry, no motels or private residences for our first meeting.


    Incall hosting available for established regulars who wish to avoid a papertrail. Simply purchase hotels.com gift card at Target with cash and email photos of the receipt+front/back of card to me.


    Cash due upon meeting. 

    Cash due once I enter your hotel room. Please place in plain view on the bathroom counter so I may count and check for counterfeits in private before the Consultation commences. No hand-to-hand transfers and absolutely do not mention tips, dollar amounts, any illicit/explicit acts, or acronyms before or during our meeting.


    Tips and gifts (like P411 Points!) are appreciated, but never ever required!


    Please don’t feel pressured to spoil me with extravagant gifts. Banks, credit card companies, and grocers don’t accept Christian Louboutin as payment. Treating me well and booking more time together - more often or regularly - is the ULTIMATE GIFT you can give.

    But, if you absolutely insist: genuine solid gold coins, Nordstrom, Amazon, and Vanilla Visa Gift Cards will result in giddy kisses of appreciation!


    Please be freshly showered (all over), thoroughly washed hands/clean fingernails, with minty Listerine breath to ensure enthusiastic participation from yours truly. My sensitive nose and taste buds thank you!



    ✈️ Passport Ready ✈️

    Have we met in Las Vegas previously?

    ✈️ FLY ME TO YOU - For an additional $500 (US and Canada only FLAT RATE) + hotels.com gift card to cover the length of my stay (if I’m not staying with you in your hotel room), I’ll happily FLY TO YOU for any Time Package 24hrs or longer (14hrs or longer on the West Coast).


    Simply send the Southwest/JetBlue/Expedia and/or hotels.com gift cards via email.




    24hrs in NYC: $4K

    + $500 roundtrip domestic flight

    + $400 hotel total

    = $4900 (prepay $900 flight+hotel, $4000 due upon arrival)


    48hr Date $5K

    + $500 roundtrip flight to Calgary

    + I stay with you in your Banff hotel room

    - $1000 BONUS Ski Trip Incentive

    = $4500 (prepay $500 flight, $4000 due upon arrival)



    🚘 I DRIVE TO YOU (IDTY) - Available to clients I’ve met previously in Las Vegas: I DRIVE TO YOU available for distances up to 500 miles from Las Vegas - Simply send $300 Vanilla Visa or Amazon.com Gift Card via email before I travel to you.


    Minimum Time Package for IDTY: Dinner Date or longer

    (Salt Lake City, Tahoe, Sedona, Phoenix, Monterey, etc.)

    Social Time Meet & Greet

    (Up to 3 hrs) $600

    In public only - Outdoors - NO private time

    This is the No-Deposit Option for those “against deposits” and want to “verify” I’m real OR for those who just want to “hang out as friends!”


    Up to 3 hrs Public Time on the golf course, hockey game, concert, lingerie or shoe shopping (I do have a raging shoe fetish), movies, karaoke room, restaurant lunch or dinner, relaxing picnic at the park, ice skating, or any outdoor Las Vegas Strip activity your heart desires!


    I promise to laugh heartily at corny jokes and call you “handsome,” “my Adonis,” or “honey.”😘


    Screening is still mandatory, Ted Bundy.

  • Email • Twitter • Ad Links

    Encrypted Email:


    Mature Sensual - Mature 40+ Companions


    My Tryst Ad


  • Booking Form

    Don't be afraid to reach out.

    You + me = awesome!


    Please read my website completely before contact, especially under the Bookings & Incentives menu:

    “How To Book Me.”


    Reading comprehension turns me on and those who follow instructions are sexier than

    Chris Evans




    Prefer encrypted off-shore communication?



    No acronyms, menus, or vulgarities. Do not ever discuss illegal acts for $.

    I’m simply a grown, mature woman selling blocks of my time to discuss golf and how badly the Detroit Red Wings are playing, ociffer! 🤪


    Ohh, wait... Are you still “against” screening?

    Simply send an additional $5000 USD

    via Ca$hApp so I can hire my

    US Special Forces buddy as

    my personal bodyguard for our date. He’d be happy to join us in your room!